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Stay Classy - Bellwoods Brewery

Stay Classy pours just like a beer, with good head retention and soft, pale yellow body. Multiple dry hop additions translate into pronounced hop aromatics and flavours — think citrus zest and yellow grapefruit alongside dank West Coast hop notes for good measure. It’s dry, refreshing and crushable, with a pleasant bitter finish.

0.5% ABV


12 oz — $8.50

16 oz — $9.50

64 oz — $28.00


Three Fields - Elora Brewing Co.


Now made with 100% Canadian ingredients! Still bringing you the same clean, crisp taste that you know and love. With subtle notes of honey, herbs and a sweet graininess, this is the same great lager,  just keeping it closer to home. 

4.5% ABV 

12oz — $8.50

16oz — $9.50

64oz — $28.00

20oz — $10.00

Civic Pilsner - Dominion City


Civic Pilsner is a nod to simplicity. Inspired by their favourite German pilsners, this hop accented lager is crisp, dry and refreshing.

Lagered for eight weeks in a horizontal tank. Naturally carbonated, unfiltered and unfined.

4.5% ABV

12oz — $9.00

16oz — $10.00

64oz — $30.00


Cosmic Cream Ale - Cameron's Brewing

Cosmic Cream Ale is the perfect companion for idyllic, curious nights beneath the constellations. Brewed with a cosmic blend of European hops for a fruity and floral backbone, this ale is fermented warm then laid to rest at a cold, lagering temperature. The result is an elegant golden ale which is crisp, balanced and refreshing.

5% AVB

12 oz — $8.00

16 oz — $9.00

64 oz — $28.00

Ale X Juniper Rye ESB - TWB Co-Op Brewing

TWB's take on the classic British ESB. Malty in flavour with a delicate hop profile and with a typical TWB twist: We added Juniper Berries to the boil for a bit of a woodsy and piney flavour.

5.5% ABV 

12oz — $9.00

16oz — $10.00

64oz — $30.00

House OG Wit - Meuse/OG Collab

Served in a glass poured by our staff.

Taste the celebration with this collaborative beer!

For our one year anniversary we partnered with Meuse to brew a Belgian inspired witbier with a new world twist. It is spiced with orange peel and coriander and generously dry hopped with Amarillo for an extra citrusy pop.


14oz — $8.50

Hoppy & Hazy

Borealis - Elora Brewing Co.

American Pale Ale

This lightly malted pale ale is bittered, flavourful, and dry-hopped exclusively with Citra Hops. It's bright, floral nose gives way to crisp, light malt flavours and finishes with several citrus notes

5.1% ABV 

12oz — $8.50

16oz — $9.50

64oz — $28.00

20oz — $10.00

West Coast IPA - TWB Co-Op Brewing

Chinook and Simcoe hops give a great hit of bitterness and strong notes of Pine and Spruce.

6.5% ABV 

12oz — $9.00

16oz — $10.00

64oz — $30.00


House Cocktail - Collective Arts Brewing

Peach & Orange Sparkling Hard Tea

5% ABV - 355mL

*Served in a 14oz glass

355mL — $8.00

Landmark Dry - East Street Cider

Classic dry cider fermented with a white wine yeast. Clean, crisp, touch of natural tartness and floral notes as well as fresh, crunchy apple character.

6% ABV 

12oz — $9.00

14oz — $9.50

64oz — $32.00

Spiked Hot Drink - Dixons

Dixons Chocolate Gin Liqueur OR Coffee Liqueur

Now serving in house, an ounce mixed with coffee or hot chocolate.

1oz of liqueur 26% ABV

Chocolate Gin Liqueur — $9.00

Coffee Liqueur — $9.00



Bastet Framboise - Barncat Artisan Ales

Foeder Aged Sour with Raspberries

5.5% ABV 

12oz — $10.50

14oz — $11.00

64oz — $35.00


White Rabbit 2021 - Rosewood Estates

With each passing harvest we fall further into this fantastical world of exploration, this rabbit hole, searching for new styles, profiles and expressions. With each passing harvest, we discover more of ourselves and our craft. To quote Lewis Carroll, "We are all mad here...", welcome to this journey.

67.7% Chardonnay, 18.6% Sémillon, 8.6% Riesling, 5.1% Savagnin

100% wild fermented and aged in stainless steel.

Bottled unfined (vegan friendly).

Alcohol: 11.7%
Residual Sugar: 8.2 g/L
TA: 5.5 g/L
pH: 3.54

6oz glass

6oz — $14.00

(6oz Glass) The Freak - Leaning Post

A very complex nose of sugar beets, black olives, damp moss, seaweed, is layered over bright bing-cherry, raspberry and nutmeg that pushes itself forward in the glass. The palate shows wonderful softness and suppleness, with dried autumn-leaf, strawberry, cumin, green olive and freshly-turned soil. Balanced acidity, collides with smooth tannins, leading to a very long and complex finish. This is definitely Pinot at its dirtiest!

13% ABV - 6oz

Default Title — $20.00